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The Reform movement reveals decades of sexual abuse: Want to hear my take? Sign up for my new substack newsletter!

Reports of sexual abuse in the Reform movement are shocking but not surprisingWe all knew this was happening. I have my own stories from life in the Reform movement. Still, there may be hopeful signs of change. Yesterday's hot-off-the-presses report that there is rampant sexual abuse in the Reform Movement that has been covered up for decades shoul...

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A new vision of spirituality from Rabbi Dr. Rev Haviva Ner David

 Book Review: Dreaming Against The Current: A Rabbi's Soul Journey, By Haviva Ner-David (Bedazzled Ink Publishing; Release date: Dec 15, 2021)  Rabbi Reverend Dr. Haviva Ner-David has made some very unorthodox choices in her life. One day, for example, was walking alone in the mountains of the upper Galilee near her home in Hannaton,...

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NEW BOOK RELEASE: When Rabbis Abuse breaks open the terrible secrets of high profile abuse in Jewish culture

RELEASE DATE: June 14 Barry Freundel. Steven M. Cohen. Marc Gafni. Moti Elon. Larry Bach. Jonathan Rosenblatt. Len Robinson. Malka Leifer….. The Jewish community has been rocked by shocking stories about rabbis and other community leaders sexually abusing their congregants, their students, or their coworkers. And the question on everyone's mind is:...

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JewFem 2.0: NEW E-course starting Jan 16

 Introducing JewFem 2.0, an exciting new online course with your favorite Jewish feminist thought leaders, scholars and activists. This will be an outstanding gathering for engaging discussions about the evolution of Jewish feminism — sexuality, politics, media, gender identity, bodies, identities, leadership, money, and more. The world has ch...

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I'm now doing my blogs and newsletters over at Substack. You can find all my latest writing there. Please subscribe to my newsletter, called The Roar! The Roar

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The problem when feminist "allies" are sexual predators

Rabbi Sally Priesand, the first American woman to become a rabbi, wrote in today's Forward that she is "heartbroken" to discover that the rabbi who ordained her was also a sexual predator. When the guys fighting for women's equality in public are attacking women in private, something is very wrong. Read my post about the feminists and feminist...

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When Jewish organizations are run by bad guys

This text is the introduction I wrote to a chapter about Gender Abuse in my upcoming book on sexual abuse in the Jewish community. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback: I want to share a story.   In September 1998, I started my very first job in the Jewish communal world since completing my Master's Degree in Jewish education –...

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Shimon Peres, Eliezer Stern, and other tales of sexual assault in Israeli corridors of power

This has been a week of revelations about sexual harassment in high-powered Israeli culture.  First up: Colette Avital, who has often been the only woman in a room full of powerful men, shared her truth this week: That she was sexually assaulted by the late Shimon Peres.  This should not come as a surprise. The worst-kept secret was ...

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Master educator, lifelong learner: Dr. Chaya Gorsetman 1947-2021

I am shattered and heartbroken to report that my beautiful and brilliant friend, Dr. Chaya Gorsetman, died this week. Chaya was a master educator and lifelong learner in every aspect of her life. She was driven by the most beautiful desire to make every child – and every human being – feel heard, valued, and respected. These were not platitudes. Sh...

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Fatal FAIL: The police saw Gabby Petito as a “mental health” problem instead of a victim of violence

Now that the FBI has finally issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie following the murder of his fiancé Gabby Petito, we can say one thing for sure. The police officers who encountered the couple shortly before her disappearance screwed up. This particular fail – in which there were distinct signs of violence and trauma but the Moab police sent...

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