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The Four Daughters for the feminist seder

Here is my own take on the Hagaddah: 

"For four daughters did the Bible speak: 
The Curious One, who excitedly asked everyone, 'What is this amazing looking Matza?' and asked the same about every item on the table and in the world.

The Passionate One, who loved the scents, colors, and flavors of the seder table and all the people around it, who sang and danced with all her heart, who put on plays with her cousins and laughed so hard the back-door neighbors heard her and looked forward to hearing her voice every year.

The Caring One, who lovingly went around ensuring that everyone had what to eat and a hug to go with it, who never sat until everyone else was safe and happy.

And The Sad, sometimes Angry One, who remembered all the hurts and pains of women who came before her, the ones who never achieved freedom, the ones who were neither seen nor heard. She sat through the seder praying for healing for herself and her people, whoever they were. 

And the first three daughters loved and accepted the fourth daughter, and they were so grateful to have her with them.

And they were all grateful for the presence of the other, knowing that each one enriched her. 

Happy Passover 

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