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Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman is a feminist thought-leader, anthropologist, and writer whose research and ideas help shape a vision for a compassionate society. Author of six books (so far!) on gender in society, and a two-time winner of the National Jewish Book Council award, Elana is the creator of the Jewish Feminist Academy (, where she offers courses and content to help shape conversations about gender in Jewish life. She writes, speaks, and consults with groups and organizations around the world on gender issues and women's experiences in the world.

She also works to help women amplify their own voices and find their power through Lioness Books and Media. She coaches women through the writing process, edits and ghost-writes women's books, and publishes women's writing through Lioness.

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Elana Sztokman
09 May 2022
RELEASE DATE: June 14 Barry Freundel. Steven M. Cohen. Marc Gafni. Moti Elon. Larry Bach. Jonathan Rosenblatt. Len Robinson. Malka Leifer….. The Jewish community has been rocked by shocking stories about rabbis and other...
Elana Sztokman
13 March 2022
 Book Review: Dreaming Against The Current: A Rabbi's Soul Journey, By Haviva Ner-David (Bedazzled Ink Publishing; Release date: Dec 15, 2021)  Rabbi Reverend Dr. Haviva Ner-David has made some very unorth...
Elana Sztokman
05 January 2022
 Introducing JewFem 2.0, an exciting new online course with your favorite Jewish feminist thought leaders, scholars and activists. This will be an outstanding gathering for engaging discussions about the evolution o...

Elana's Books

The Men's Section

Elana's first book, The Men's Section: Orthodox Jewish Men in an Egalitarian World , investigates a fascinating new sociological phenomenon: Orthodox Jewish men who connect themselves to egalitarian or quasi-egalitarian religious enterprises.

Educating in the Divine Image

The first comprehensive examination of gender messages in Jewish education, this book is a must-read for educators, parents, and concerned lay people. Drawing on studies in education, social science, and psychology, as well as personal interviews, the authors show how traditional (mainly Orthodox) day school education continues to re-inscribe gender inequities and socialize students into unhealthy gender identities and relationships.

The War on Women in Israel

In this gripping exposé, leading women's activist Elana Sztokman investigates the struggles of Israeli women against increasing levels of religious and political intrusion into their lives, from segregation on public buses to being refused admittance to public events.

Masala Mamas

Masala Mamas is an award-winning book of recipes and stories celebrating the lives and cultures of incredible Indian women making a difference in the lives of children in the slums of Mumbai through food and love. All proceeds from the book go to support the women's project of providing hot meals for kids in school in the Kalwa slum in Mumbai.

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