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This week's media round-up: The new Women's Party, Cyprus, and Trump

Here is this week's media round up: My Cypriot sister-in-arms, Magda Zenon, interviewed me about our new political party, Kol Hanashim. The 30-minute long podcast delves into the hows and whys of starting this party, the challenges ahead, and the hopes for women's equality and inclusion. Take a listen here. Moya Lothian-McLean of Gal-Dem inter...

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I went to Cyprus to support the rape victim. Here is what happened.

I spent the morning at the Cypriot courthouse with 70 other Israelis protesting the sentencing of a rape victim for "public mischief", a crime she was charged with because she dared go to the police to report a gang-rape. Despite the evidence supporting her story — 35 bruises on her arms and legs and genitals, 12 condoms, blood, pathology reports s...

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I'm going to Cyprus to support the victim of gang-rape by a group of Israelis

Freeher4justice"JUSTICE" CYPRUS STYLE Hotel doctor > "rape"Police officer Nicolettis > "rape"Pathologist > "rape"Israeli witness > "rape"Forensic of mobiles > "rape"Scratches on Brit & Israelis > "rape"+8DNA 13 condom wrapper > "rape"Blod on condom > "rape" Cyprus Judge > "no rape" ???? Read more (in Hebrew) here ...

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I started a new blog: Toxic Tactics

Last week, I started a new blog, called "Toxic Tactics: Your Ultimate Guide to Naming and Neutralizing the Toxic Tactics of Emotional and Verbal Abuse that have taken over." You can read about it at  Would love to know what you think. 

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Tackling Trump in the Israeli media

Over the past three years, as Vice Chair for Media and Policy for Democrats Abroad Israel, I have been doing media appearances on Israeli television, working to have civil debates with Trump defenders in Israel.   Here are a few examples: * "Trump is the number one inciter", Interview with Ayalla Hasson, on 103 Radio, following ...

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28 women elected to Knesset -- a number that keeps going DOWN

As of now, 28 women made it into this Knesset, 1 less than the previous Knesset, and 7 less than the Knesset before that. Of those 28, 2 are Arab, 1 is Druze, 1 is Ethiopian, and 1 is haredi.While many great women didn't make it, and while these numbers are troubling (and there are NO women in the Blue-White coalition negotiations), and while I am ...

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As Israel Moves Farther To The Right, Women Are Paying The Price

The latest Pew Report on religious freedom showing that Israel is practically on par with Iran on this issue should not come as much of a surprise. Those of us who have been tracking religious freedom in Israel have observed that not only are incidents of religious intolerance and oppression on the rise, but they are becoming bolder, more normalize...

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Our book WON the Gourmand Award!!

WE WON!  I'm absolutely thrilled to report that the cookbook I compiled, The Masala Mamas: Recipes and Stories from the Indian Women Changing their Communities through Food and Love,  WON the international Gourmand Award for food books in the category of fundraising! How exciting is that!! Special shout-out to all the spons...

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Standing by our Jewish Values

JPOST -- Since Trump took office, it has been difficult for me to be an American-Israeli. Watching fellow Israelis and American-Israelis cheer for a man who has no moral compass or capacity for empathy has been chilling. Moreover, the realization that so many members of my tribe care more about soulless buildings – like, say, an embassy – than...

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Women Break Through in the Midterms

The women who were elected – unlike the people surrounding the Trump White House and the radical Right – are not calling for violence, bigotry or hatred. Three women were elected to Congress who have some right-wing Jews shaking in their boots as if having Palestinian or Muslim women speaking their minds is the greatest threat to Israel's existence...

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