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Cheerio folks: I'm off to Limmud UK!

So excited to be going to LImmud UK as part of the UJIA delegation! I'll be speaking about a bunch of different topics, including:

* "A revolution of dolphins": Orthodox women transforming Jewish life
* Educating religious girls: A joint session with Dr Beverly Gribetz
* Women and theocracy in Israel: How religion and state threaten women's lives in Israel
* "Like a thousand paper cuts": Non-contact sexual abuse

AND i'll be on a panel called "JNEB" fashioned by Keith Kahn-Harris​ where criticism is welcome and celebrated. My talk is called: The sh*t that Jewish women go through... or more mildly, "Why it's tough being a Jewish woman". I'm really looking forward to that one...

If you're there, pls come and say hi :-)


Limmud UK Recap
Birthday wishes......