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Rabbinical School Highlights

Some highlights from my year at HUC rabbinical school:

* Every single Talmud class we had with the amazing Prof Ruhama Weiss, for whom "love" is not a catchphrase or platitude but an entire way of life, whose classroom is freeing and healing -- in the Paulo Freire sense of freeing --  freedom and compassion in action.

* When Debi Shoua-Haim conducted the entire prayer service in the female form, with God as "she" and the prayer as "she"....using some amazing texts written also by Rabbi 
Stacey Blank ... Wow, so much healing

* When Osnat Eldar dedicated the entire prayer service to #MeToo

* When Yael Vergan did an entire service in sign-language

* The time we had a Friday night tefilla on the roof of Rabbi Naamah Kelman's house in Jerusalem

* Hearing talks from amazing women, like Rabbi Yael KarrieOrly Erez-Likhovski, Rabbanit Devorah Evron, and many others.

* Learning liturgy with the amazing Professor Dalia Marx

* Learning gender in bible with the amazing Dr. Lea Mazor

* When Dr. Judith Rosenbaum came to visit and talked about gender, Judaism, and history

* Getting to play piano to accompany the tefilla

* Getting to know so many interesting students from many different sectors of Israeli society. Listening to their sermons, watching them create beautiful prayer experiences. Having some beautiful, real conversations about life, God, and the world.....

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