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MY wishes for 5779

My wishes for the year 5779:

* Massive political changes: turning the US Congress blue, and getting a new prime minister and coalition in Israel....

* The restoration of hope and optimism

* That the cultures of hate will be overpowered by cultures and practices of compassion, empathy, and kindness

* that the women (and men!) who have suffered from all kinds of abuse, violence and exploitation will find healing, joy, power, and abundance.

* That women will continue to find our powers in this world, and our voices will be heard as we call for spiritual, social, and cultural change and transformation

* That human beings will continue to realize that artificial hierarchies and walls that we put up may feel safe for a while but ultimately bring destruction, darkness and despair

* That our purest, most divine desires will be actualized with the majesty and miracles of creation.

* That we will all love ourselves enough to be able to realize the divine spark within us, and we will live our lives as embodiments of the divine, being a source of love and light in everything that we do

Wishing everyone a good new year, whether you are celebrating or not

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