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Tackling Trump in the Israeli media

Over the past three years, as Vice Chair for Media and Policy for Democrats Abroad Israel, I have been doing media appearances on Israeli television, working to have civil debates with Trump defenders in Israel.  

Here are a few examples:

* "Trump is the number one inciter", Interview with Ayalla Hasson, on 103 Radio, following the Pittsburgh shooting

* "Trump is responsible for the spread of hate", ILTV News, June 6, 2019

* "When Trump calls Democratic Jews disloyal, that is very worrying," ILTV News 21 Aug 2019

* "Impeachment is happening", The Knesset Channel, 10 October 2019, following impeachment decision

* "There are cracks showing in the Trump base", The Knesset Channel, 7 Nov 2019, following the Virginia and Kentucky elections

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