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NEW RELEASE: Conversations with my Body

I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing a new book this month: Conversations with my Body: Essays on my life as a Jewish woman.

This collection of published and unpublished works on topics including 'modesty', voice, hair, sexuality, fat-shaming, body-image, and more marks an important milestone in my life. This year has been the 25th year since I began my feminist journey. It is 25 years since I stopped covering my hair, and also 25 years since we founded Mavoi Satum, the organization for agunah rights in Jerusalem. In this book, I reflect on my journey, I look back at the evolution of my ideas, and I share some deeply personal events that I have never shared publicly before. The personal is political, and everything that I have written about in my life is on some level about my own experiences. This is my first book that makes those connections out loud.

Stay tuned. More details to follow. 

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